Fill this form and we will generate the JSON config file at server side for you.
We recommmend you to use arkcserver-mailcheck to rececive register requests from clients. Set the location for the database to experience the conveniencei.
If not using database, in this page you can only create a config with ONE client in the config. However, you may add more later by yourself with the same format.
Leave it blank if you have no idea about some boxes.

Path of your server's private key: (The path specified after "Private key written to" when generating it, often ends with "...pri.asc".)

Path of client information database: (Used with arkcserver-mailcheck)

Path of client public key: (Often copied to server)

SHA1 value of the client private key: (Prompted when generating key pair at client side):

Using MEEK or not? If you intend to integrate with GAE (and CDN in the future), choose yes.
MEEK executable path: (meek-client at server side.)